Mornings before starting office work
During start of lockdown: Wake up early, freshen up, do daily exercise, get sunlight from the window, write an article or work on side project for an hour, then start off to work...
5 months after lockdown: Wake up just 5 minutes before office work, brush my teeth and start off with office work...

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    OMFG, don't get me started on that.
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    Working remotely was actually a nightmare for me, I didn't even find myself good with freelance. I laughed on ones that would prefer office until I experienced it myself. Shit, I'd rather walk for 30 minutes there and home than try to separate work from home being at home.
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    So true. Plus, I keep working later and later.
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    @dfox @trogus we are getting more and more advertising bots/users on here 😭. This '@ oliyan' account. Maybe you guys should add categories to the report option. Like advertiser, bot, spam, etc.

    Sorry for tagging you both. 😅
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    @mentions we have spam as a category for the downvote, so you can use that as well as report. Bots are annoying... If you build it, they will come. Just wait until NLP is good enough and no one can tell the difference...
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