What to do when you want to program and the children distract you or your partner shouts?

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    Ah the Amazon method

    Thankfully, I am the loudest person at my house. I've also had instances where I've lived places for years and no one knew I was there, so that's saying something.

    The only issue I ever have is my son turning on the television too loud, but that's just a text message.
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    @SortOfTested "Bobby, I'm going to drop the table on you"
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    @sudocode maybe this also a good idea or, I think try to focus on your programming by ignoring them and try not to get involved with them and maybe they will get bored and not disturb you after sometime.
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    Ask nicely
    Command sternly
    Storm out of the room

    Then: Go into whatever room they're not in and lock the door. Works until one of the children starts banging on it. The only two places I can go is his room and the master bedroom. One is his, and mine leads to the only usable bathroom, so it's not like I can say no. 😑

    We need a bigger house.
    And a yard so they can go outside. It's all desert and scorching heat here.
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    @asadimt Sounds good, doesn't work.
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    Get a bigger house and a babysitter / maid.
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