They were updating 2 sets of the self checkouts at Tesco today.

They are now running Windows 10...

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    These should probably be running the LTSC or IoT version. Even regular Windows 10 can be set to only update during set intervals. Probably their sysadmins just suck.
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    @kamen it's a planned update, new screens and every thing but the fact it has been updating for about 8 hours now doesn't fill me with much hope
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    Something's wrong then. A feature update should take more than an hour or two even on the shittiest machine.
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    @kamen don't underestimate how cheap people responsible for technology in stores are
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    @frogstair I'm still somewhat optimistic
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    Free groceries @tesco with purchase of raspberries, pie, Pringles and a wifi dongle.
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