I want to paint...again...

My head - how the fuck u gonna paint with a full time job and a full time baby and full time housework.

Me - I don’t know how but I’ll do whatever the fuck I want.

Hunted out my paint box and brushes and kept em on table.....

Mini canvases...gonna start small, can’t handle big one for now...

Let’s seeeeeee

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    I want to be a full time baby!!! *throws toy car at random stranger*
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    @rutee07 *throws actual car at random stranger*
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    @frogstair Ooh, you're so strong. Can you rip off my clothes for me?
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    @rutee07, how does it always turn to this? Do we have to call your parents in again?
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    @ScriptCoded Call my daddy. *wink* *wink*
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    @ScriptCoded I've asked myself that same question many times, I've started to just sit back and watch, it's quite more amusing than questioning it.
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    I rarely painted some time ago, I just did abstract crap and it turned out as decoration for my grandparent's house's bathroom.

    Honestly, do an abstract of the devRant logo, can't do much wrong with that
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    @Ranchu good idea
    I’m doing the tiny ones for that reason. So small and simple, easy to make it good.
    Need time and continuous dedication to be good at painting, can’t do that.
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    @rutee07 no, it's too hot sorry
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