Anything good on Netflix? It’s been a while, I’ll watch smthing tomorrow

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    Midnight Gospel

    Turned around the way I look at life
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    Okay 👍🏽
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    That bill burr cartoon I can't remember the name of
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    Film or series?
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    I was pleasantly surprised by "Spenser Confidential" ... tho it was a bit monotone now that I look back at it while it's still fresh in my memory.
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    As @frogstair said, Midnight Gospel.
    Just don't watch when you're drunk or high on something, you could feel sick almost immediately.

    Ps: wrong section ❤
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    The Floor is Lava
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    Dragon Prince?
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    Witcher, Snowpiercer and Altered Carbon. With those, few days gone 👌
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    I got a few recommendations

    Yet another, but different zombie series

    Very entertaining series about a criminal super mind working with FBI

    Drugs, money - you know the deal

    The midnight gospel
    Somewhat crazy, but very mediative and entertaining at the same time
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    @frogstair It is freaking awesome and confusing at the same time. But it also changed my thinking in some ways.
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    Thanks guys. I’ve got a nice list for the next several holidays!!
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