You know why I know that Francois Chollet's Deep Learning with Python is a good book for beginners?

He takes the idea of A.I in the context of Machine Learning and Python, and makes people realize that we are not going to have big tiddy android girls from her till McCarthy knows when.

Well that sucks. One of my sole purposes behind getting to AI was to have me own Jarvis that could help me build 2B.

Oh well.......

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    Gotta rip that band-aid off sometime. 😏
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    @SortOfTested I want my android with big tiddies tho 😭😭
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    I am perfectly happy to have artificial virtual strippers before we got into robots but looking at animation and kinematics progress we’re very far from start.
    Still using motion capture for literally everything.
    Hair / fluid / face muscles simulation sucks and we still have to small computing power or no equations to advance it. All is particle or vertex based same like 30 years ago just increased number of polygons.
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