Anyone who's been part of the community has probably noticed a little OS mud slinging. It's natural, as everyone cheers on their "team".

I just realized that no one is ranting/name calling/general mockery of the BSD crowd! They just get away without a scratch. Not fair 🚫

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    What is there to say about BSD?
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    @ReturnVoid there's not. Just something I noticed after the 100th+1 windows vs Linux vs macOS comment/rant
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    BSD users seem to have a live and let live attitude, probably the best way to be really...
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    @nmunro agreed. If not for Linux, I'd probably be on BSD because apparently if not for Minux then Linux would have never been invented! Or if ATT would have used different legal strategies then BSD would have been shut down.

    Imagine a world where it's only windows and (edit!) macOS : /

    Even if you don't use Linux desktop, that actually has some strong implications when you think about servers, embedded devices, etc.

    Any thoughts? Would someone else have stepped up to fill the gap?
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    @stable-penguin not quite... Stallman wrote the OS (GNU), Linus wrote the kernel. I'd argue that it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a kernel for the GNU software
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    @ReturnVoid I'm a little confused on your reply.. which part did you say not quite to? I read it again and didn't see any fallacies so maybe we're saying two sides of the same coin..
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    @stable-penguin ah yeah... Idk I misread what you wrote but I think the critical parts of the OS are GNU, Linux is great but sooner or later GNU would have found some other kernel
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    @ReturnVoid meant to also say re: the kernel, the GNU Hurd project began in 1991. There is a recent article on InfoWorld that happens to ask the same rhetorical question and I believe comes to the same BSD conclusion based on the Reddit quotes. http://infoworld.com/article/...
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    @stable-penguin yeah I don't think Hurd was the answer, just that sooner or later someone else would have done what Linus did
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    @ReturnVoid agreed. Right place at the right time. I'm glad it played out as it did!
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