It’s actually been quite a fun day, after some ranting on one of our slack communities flutter channel, myself and my team realized we were in a really good place to give back.

We have been working on a large scale flutter application for about a year, phase 1 is about done and we at 11k LOC.

We have been doing a big push for testing over the last 2 months and are at about 50% coverage. The thing we realized is that is the 1 place flutter has fallen short with documentation.

Very little about what we learned for testing our code came out of a google search, or it came out of cobbling bits together from numerous searches and sources.

So we decided we are going to plan and host a virtual meetup to discuss what we have learned and hopefully teach a few people some useful things and hopefully also learn a few new things too.

In addition, and as it has a longer shelf life, we going to setup a medium publication for the company and start a series to cover small specific topics, specific use cases or scenarios that we had trouble with and solved.

Today I had my first thing to type out, had worked out how to test that a function that was passed into a widget was called. So the parent passes the child and onTap function but you are testing the child not the parent as the child is reusable...

Anyway, so with that idea I got hold of marketing for some assets, setup the publication and proceeded to type out 3 articles today, all nice short ones under 2 min reading time.

It really is nice to give back, it’s not like I am Remi smart and can go and write BLoC, but I am smart enough to figure shit out and type it up so that the next guy hopefully benefits from my brain bashing.

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    Testing Flutter, now I'm interested. Is the first article published already?
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    @100110111 yep, they will all find there way to this feature page I setup for them.

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    @RTRMS I've read a few of those articles now, and one thing catches the eye that I think your articles could benefit from: proofreading. Please have someone proofread them before publishing to minimize spelling mistakes et al.

    If you can't get anyone from your office with sufficient English to do it, I'm happy to help as well.
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    @100110111 I am running grammerly.

    It’s not had any problems with the spelling or grammar, my spelling is arse, which is why I use it.
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    @RTRMS well, at least the articles are now proof that Grammarly is not going to 100% replace a human proofreader anytime soon. Good articles btw, I've enjoyed reading them, but the good ol' grammar nazi within me was awoken by some of those typos left behind
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    @100110111 thanks, I’ll check with the guys in the team, I know at least 2 of them read them who can spell. Lol.
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