Me: opens the log file for some answers

Log file:

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    You’re either joking / lying or your project is somehow working with Chinese texts and they are pasted to the log file
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    @uyouthe lol. I wanted to see the content of an email on the localhost so in he .env file I changed mail_mailer from 'smtp' to 'log'. This means the system should log the email content in the log file and act like the email has been sent and not throw an error.

    And this is what the email logged instead of a password reset email.
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    @uyouthe that is some funny translation 😂
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    @monrichi which means... charsets were carelessly swapped, even though Unicode is ruling them all.
    The moment when even server logs want you to do decryption
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    @vintprox It was missing the file that creates the email content so the project was throwing garbage in the log.
    I must made have missed something while creating the project.
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    @rooter I guess we are having the pleasure of seeing encoded garbage here 😂
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    @rooter it says "you will be sad" guess my project is predicting my future 😒
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