The WIZARD BOOK.... (SICP) has arrived!

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    I always like how Julie was pouring drinks, then a drunken harold burst into the room screaming, "LAMBDA!!"
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    I downloaded the pdf after looking at this....
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    @srpatil yes I have the PDF... the best part of this book and the course when Abelson and them taught it at MIT, there are NO assignment statements for the first 225 PAGES... from someone who has written software for years, it really gives you a different perspective in writing software. I didn’t even realize until they mention it following it along in the book boom yeah we forgot to mention .. here’s how we do assignment statement lol like wtf.. wow haha
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    Aside from The Code Complete which teaches you how to make long-term products, this is probably the only book you need
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    I love code complete almost as much as I want to throttle anyone who suggests clean code 😋
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    @SortOfTested exactly! That’s what I was always talking about! But I’m forced to be silent about my opinion on clean code because the Clean Code Gang spies on me and tries to hunt me down for this
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    Buying the book supports MIT press and the continued generation of free content. The general theory is once you become successful, you contribute back to those who helped you get where you are.
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    @SortOfTested LMFAO... what’s wrong with clean code I love uncle bob. Tho I don’t agree with some stuff the premise is solid.. no pun intended haha
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    @QuanticoCEO uncle bob not only created his commercialized silver bullet of an architecture for a large company but he also delivers his stuff as if he by definition couldn’t be wrong
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    @uyouthe touché
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    Two things:
    1. He peddles common sense aphorisms that might as well be confuscianism
    2. He treats his opinions as fact and anyone who disagreed with him is shouted down by his mob of weak-minded hangers-on

    Ex of stupid shit he peddles :
    "polymorphism is exclusive to object orientation"
    "Good FP code should be object oriented"
    "TDD = professionalism. If you architect before you code, your software will be bad."
    "I have 40+ years experience in agile"

    The list goes on.

    And from the times I've met him at conventions, he's also just a shitty person by and large. His primary mode of conversation is condescension and being louder than the other person.
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    @SortOfTested I can’t get enough of everything you say. This is just brilliant. A factual, straightforward approach backed by personal experience. Just brilliant
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    @SortOfTested I also disagree with him on those... I don’t write OOP.. and I don’t write high level language.. I can do polymorphism and the rest in C ... staying too strict to the rules of OOP handycaps you and causes a lot of wasted time.

    As far as architecture of a system water sucks ass because it doesn’t allow for change but we all know that.. I believe in architecting a system in a lean matter not building premature hard walls that end up looking like the cool aid guy went thru when you have to adapt to change. Being in the industry of automotive, what the customer requests and what we quote based on the requirements always changes midway thru, we can’t do the waterfall process strictly because we would be over due.. we must adapt software wise as we get hardware last and everyone waits on use so we have to react quickly and methodically.

    Again I agree with the concept and certain ideas but the details his stuff I don’t agree with. He’s very high level oriented and I don’t agree with that lol
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    Is it worth getting/reading? I’ve seen a lot of people recommend it so I’m curious if it lives up to the hype
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    @QuanticoCEO dope I’ll track it down
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