you guys any good nodejs alternative to symfony+sonata admin. i need to build a solid backend.

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    Why nodejs?

    Perhaps C#? :P
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    @alexbrooklyn which framework? nah c# is fine but i cannot iterate the way i want with c# compared to node.
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    @endless90 Do you "have" to use a framework?
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    @Jilano not really. but right now i built a prototype with express and would like to have some constraints, helper and an admin panel. thought maybe there is a fully fletched system for my needs. instead i would have to use react admin or something else on top.
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    You should check out the benchmarks between .Net Core and NodeJS.
    You’ll find one is 200 times faster than the other.
    Or to put it another way, one will require 200 times the number of servers for the same workload.
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    @RobAtPaxMondeo Even if that was universally true, that's not how performance vs workload works.
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