They aren't even trying.

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    Actually it is a new IP standard, called IPvH, H stands for “Hollywood”.
    Instead use BYTE for each number, it uses Strings.
    This is a very advanced piece of technology and common of mortels wouldn’t have access to it for the next couple of centuries.

    Edit, I'm watching this show haha
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    What the actual joke here is you expecting them to do it right
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    Guess I've been spoiled by Mr.Robot.
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    Lol, like Mr Robot is better. Same shit :)

    I don;'t uinderstand how show producters can't pay 1 hour (only 1 hour like 150$) for ANY real IT person for a consult.
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    @NoToJavaScript because nobody gives a shit, that's why.

    The small minority >0.1% of their viewers that understand it's fucked up don't justify it. It's for entertainment. Small details are irrelevant.
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    @Stuxnet It is true.
    Juste the term “Ip address” is unknown by majority.

    My point is : for 150$ you can make it look credible. Sound pretty cheap
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    @NoToJavaScript But like why do it when you don't have to?

    Nobody is gonna give a shit if you do or don't have accuracy. So don't.

    Focus on the story, it's more important anyways.
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    What show is that?
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    And you think medical shows are exact? Cop shows? The news? Drug advertising? It’s all lies and half truths.
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