Back when I was younger my first contact with the master and slave terminology was through my old windows 98 computer. It would boot up and say something about the master and slave drive doing stuff.

And this was also about around the time that the "Prince of Egypt" movie had just came out.

And so in my, oh so wise little mind, thought that the master drive was whipping the slave drive into action.

So maybe, just maybe, changing the terminology might be a good thing, because my psychotic little mind was oh too happy about the idea of a master and slave drive duking it out in my computer.

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    No we cannot change 50 years of terminology and standards.

    What do we do about SPI connections and protocols.. MISO and MOSI... master in slave out .. master out slave in..

    From a theory point of view there is nothing wrong with the terminology... these are computer parts and they are not offended.. AND the verbiage makes sense for the use case.. there is one chip directing the operation handling the clock signals etc.. the other chip only speaks when spoken to. And does what the master chip says.. hence slave.

    I refuse to teach it to students any other way too... I’m not going to change the analogy because some folks are offended by words.

    What are we gonna remove it from the dictionary too? Things that offend people just POOF remove it? .. how about people not live their lives everyday looking for things to be offended by... let’s start there. Listen to Wayne Dyer about 5 rules to live by.
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    Seriously you feel attacked by that terminology?
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    *whip sounds* "Shush, you! Learn your place, @elgringo"
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