Focus stealing - it winds me up more than is probably reasonable.

I'm there, typing away in my text entry UI widget of choice, purposefully entering text to do some thing as expediently as possible and then... oh, well I'm not any more, am I?

No, because some other window has decided that it needs the keyboard focus for usually no reason whatsoever, other than poor programming manners. Sometimes the same app will keep stealing the focus - oi, mate, I was typing over here? Could you not get the current focus and see that I'm busy?

This happens in chrome's dev tools _a lot_ but dev tools needs a rant all of its own.

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    Yeap.. Drives me nuts as well. Like.. fucking.. don't move focus away from text boxes. Don't fucking draw over window with focus. And lastly don't draw over area covered by top most window that is being hovered over with mouse (or at least for buttons). Fuck!
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    This pisses me off to no end, especially every time I'm trying to type in passwords into password prompts. I've taken liking to KDE thanks to how it attempts to prevent that.
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    Boy do I hate that, too. The worst part is that it steals focus and interprets input right away. *So many times* I've seen dialogs open while typing text, just to see them disappear after a split second because typing space or enter accepts the default action.
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