I met a senior PHP developer recently and he doesn't even know how to use SSH but very productive and fast therefore get the job done.

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    Nothing wrong with specializing in development, altho a little ops knowledge can never hurt :D
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    Dunno, ssh is pretty core to the development experience everywhere except windows. Life is definitely inconvenient without it
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    I agree to disagree.

    Unless your a php dev under iis (which I will question there entire career over)


    you would have touched a linux machine at some point.
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    The world of development is super wide. All sorts of things that don't work in environment X but do in environment Y.
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    I'd love to introduce you to [every visual studio user ever] who is all *Linux, hssssssss*.
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    @SortOfTested probably the same people that call SQL sequel 🤷‍♂️
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    I say subpar quackadoodle logarithms, personally.
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    @SortOfTested you know... I could accept that 😅
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    I need to add that he only use CPanel.
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