Damn, .NET devs are really and I mean really bad at writing documentation. It is either over-engineered (anything from Microsoft) to the point you can't find shit. Or it is almost non existent and you have to study the repo and read classes, etc. (ANY .net core nuget for writing CLI apps, heck I would argue almost any nuget in general)

4 pages on github WIKI + examples that cover 20% of use cases are not a bloody documentation mate!!!

I used to be linux + any of Python/Go/JS/Ruby/Elixir guy and almost never had problems with poor documentation.

Now living in Microsoft world with .net and powershell is terrifying.

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    Not really much to it when all is said and done. Get off windows though, dotnet is terrible on windows.

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    @SortOfTested :-) that is actually nuget I ended up using.
    But comparing it to e.g. https://click.palletsprojects.com/e... it still feels like not enough. But problem also might be I work with Python for 10 years and with .net just 1 and a half.
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    Entirely possible. There's a lot of dotnet that relies on you understanding the interface the package programming on top of. The frameworks and runtimes provide so much that packages tend to be thin.

    It's worth noting in the case of the commandlineutils, it was originally code Microsoft accidentally released and then pulled support for. The community forked it and McMaster is maintaining it now.
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