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    Thank God I never write docs ;D
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    This is funny because I've spent the past 2 days writing 40 pages of docs and I know no one is going to read them.
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    Good because some readmes are so horrible that self-mutilation looks like a cakewalk instead.
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    Kinda sad really, so many lost hours pressing ctrl+r
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    @ManBunMike I personally read the docs and also need to write them regularly. Not everyone is gonna read them, but there is gonna be at least you at some point reading your own docs
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    @Reymann me looking at something I haven't touched in 6 months "Ok, so what the heck did I do here?"
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    Good thing I'm not only paid for writing code, but docs too.
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    This is 100% me. Not proud of it at all :(
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