Stuck on this problem all day... New project using Gradle... Usually we use Maven.

I added a Jodo Time to the project as a compile/implementation depency.

But it doesn't add it to/update the project so I can use it.

I'm not sure what part is screwing up.

Feels like if a class doesn't use a package it won't download it even if it's in the build.properties?

But well I can't use it if it's not downloaded?

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    Once you have the dep implemenetation declared like:

    dependencies {
    implementation 'com.someorg:package-name:version'

    Go into intellij and tell it to update gradle deps. It should appear at that point.

    Once done, run:
    gradlew clean build

    should wipe the gradle cache and build with a fresh restore.
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    @SortOfTested will give it a try tmr. Where in intellij though? I couldn't find anything right-clicking on the project tree.

    There was a reload, rebuild project but neither imported.
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    shift shift -> "refresh gradle"
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    It's the refresh icon
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