IBM job requirements:

- 12+ years kubernetes experience
- kubernetes is 6 years old

IBM, never change cheered me up today


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    It would be funnier if IBM wasn't looking to get no interest in the job ad so they can check the box to outsource it.
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    Time travel. Problem solved.
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    @SortOfTested Is that the reason for these stupid job ads? They want to make sure nobody will apply?
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    Yep. In the US at least, in order to legally hire a visa worker for the position employers must ensure:

    - no locals apply and if they do
    - no locals pass an interview and if they do
    - no locals meet qualification

    They have seminars where they teach HR departments how to con this system.

    The goal is to save money and drive down the average wage, which results in lower pay for everyone. Even if a visa worker starts at parity, they aren't allowed pay raises for the duration of their visa, which is usually at 6 years inclusive guaranteed renewals barring any other extensions. (Note: they are usually paid less)

    If the average salary is $90k, and the average raise is 4%, deferring that means over 6 years the person will have missed out on ~$24k in pay.

    There have been conservatively 3M high skill work visas issued since 1990. Not including H4 visas (spouse), educational visas, educational visa extension (OPT) and green card applicant renewal limit exemption, our total industry wage losses have been on the order of $42e10, normalizing the salary expectation against the 6 year rolling average assuming starting salary parity.

    The resulting depression means that salary increase in the majority of the tech industry haven't kept pace with the increase in cost of living, sitting at a measly .03% per annum in the aggregate.
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