Diekfak's law states that a scooter will always be parked in the most obstructing and lazy spot within 4 meters of where it is parked.

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    honestly though, the shift in mobility prioritisation from wheelchairs and strollers to 20-something assholes with zero-goddam empathy or brain is disgusting and i hope each and every one of you morons leaving scooters everywhere hits a rock and plunges to an ignominious death. there are disabled people who deserve a sidewalk more than you deserve to live
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    That's some beautiful rage you've got going on there!
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    Yeah. Fuck scooters. Sidewalk pigeons.
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    I love my private e-scooter, but I don't use sidewalks. The road or bicycle lanes are where e-scooters are allowed in my country.

    E-scooters must have insurance here, which involves a small number plate at the back so that it's not anonymous. That limits the amount of shit people can do.

    Since my e-scooter is foldable, I take it with me inside. Even in shops. When folded, it fits perfectly in the bottom area of a shopping trolley, where you could also put a drinks crate.
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