Any recommendations for a $100 or so mechanical keyboard, a bit on the quieter side? I used a Cherry MX Blue board back at home and while it felt great, it's not going to fly in my current environment, so I'm looking at reds or browns (I do game a fair bit so reds are okay too, but would prefer browns, hopefully they're quiet enough).

Perhaps not a full sized one, maybe tenkeyless or something. I've been eyeing the Ducky One 2 Horizon mini, love the colours and it looks pretty much exactly like what I want, but I'd like to see what you guys think.

(I would like to build one but don't have the time)

Location: the US

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    Keychron offerings are nice, though non-programmable. They're my sub-$100 go to.
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    Corsair k68 is cherry mx red. It is good keyboard in my opinion.
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    In terms of switches, for real silence I would recommend gateron silent blacks, they're objectively worse than standard blacks, but the silence is really pleasing.

    In terms of board, IDK, I'm using a Chinese one (eagle Z88)
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