Sooo a coworker and I tonight were working on some software and somehow got side tracked on discussion regarding our thinking process, and how one of our other coworkers always things so strangely always defensive etc.. which then lead us to saying it would be nice if we could like see and feel how another persons brain is and how they draw conclusions and think..
this conversion immediately changed to the inner-monologue discussion.

And holy shit went go distracted for 4 hours tonight!

I have inner monologue, visual, auditory, symbolic and non symbolic abstract thinking in my mind, and it’s all happening at the same time, like a million miles a minute.

The other coworker has no inner monologue at all.

4 hours questioning each other trying to understand how the other one things then debating what we believe how the one perticular Coworker thinks. And then placing bets on what we think all the other coworkers are.

I’ve never had such a deep discussion on how my brain works nor how someone else thinks.

Like I was like joking but serious not in a bad way I’m not crazy my brain switches thinking depending on the situation I don’t have to. Try or think about it just occurs..

Like remembering things I’ll daisy chain and hop pictures, words and thoughts to bring back things but no effort it just occurs.
When a song is playing I can remember the last time I heard that song or part of the song I can feel how it was, I can see what I was doing what was happening in the world etc.
In the shower or driving I will have debates in my mind and play scenarios out in my mind on how a conversation or situation will go. I visually see and hear and feel the conversation that did or did not occur at that time. And I can jump to “playing” each person.

Or when a large decision is to be made or brainstorming an idea to me I like having the British parliament in a room, and debating the topic.

When people are talking I visually see what they are saying.

I thought EVERYONE was like this.. apparently not lol.

But this conversation did bring up a lot of realization of why I can quickly jump to conclusions or quickly move thru a conversation or concept but my coworker is lagging behind. Or having a hard time visualizing what I’m saying, thus me drawing it very fast and him/them saying how did you come up with that that quickly... ugh because in my mind I’ve already drew it up I’m just drawing what I see. Almost having to slow down and go back in time to explain something to them.

THEN we called a few of my “Star” interns haha and asked them, apparently they are all think the same way I do or atleast somewhat, which explains why some people I work i able to express ideas and continue thru a topic very quickly. While others I must slow down.

We need more of these discussions until now I had no idea there was “a different way people mentally process things” the entire conversation was very enlightening for the both of us, now I know what I must do differently and so does the other one.

But then we thought what caused this? Is this a learned trait from experience as a child? Or evaluation? Or just the deck of cards we are delt? Is this left hand people or right hand? I’m left hand and the two interns are left hand and they think the same, but the other coworker in the discussion was a right hander.. then we thought was this a result of imaginary friends as a young child? Was this a result of reading as a young child? Is one version better at math than the other.. music etc... is this a result of hyperactive brain? Drugs? Could drugs induce it? What does alcohol do to it...

Yeah we questioned all these things and more seriously went down the rabbit hole tonight... lmfao, tomorrow we will be surveying the rest of the team to see if we can draw any spurious informer conclusions and how accurate our bets were based on what we know personality wise of the other coworkers

SOOOOO thoughts???? Hahah

How many of y’all knew the other type existed? What type are you? And are you introverted or extroverted? Any rational relations we can connect to better explain this shit?

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    That's really interesting! I can relate to most thinks you mentioned about how you think, and I haven't even had the thought that others don't do the same...
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    @ScriptCoded It’s so strange because like all my life It NEVER occurred to me that this is not how everyone else is or a different way/ways exist.. then it’s like hmmm what way is my siblings and parents? Could this explain conflicts? Could this explain graviting to and getting along with certain people? And not others? Like holy shit so many unanswered questions! I must learn more about this!

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    @QuanticoCEO Haha, yeah, It's interesting, indeed. Just make sure to share your findings! ;)
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    @ScriptCoded ohhh I will lol
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    Now how did I think prior to learning to speak? I hear the words and see the words and see the picture and links now but as a kid how did i do this prior to learning to read? Or learning to speak or learning to write... or fuck how did my mind work prior to seeing the things that my mind links together now to remember and see and think about things I think about.

    It’s like the chicken and the egg paradox of what came first...

    Something came first.. I don’t remember having a difficulty learning as a kid but the more I think about it logically my way of thinking requires certain “things” to already exist in memory as if it’s always been there.

    God damnit I just need to go to sleep the more i think about it the more questions I have.. the more thoughts maybe I am fully waking up? Lol is this just a simulation? Did I just prove it? Am i self-conscious? Is this way of thinking a higher level or lower level of consciousness. Damnit mind shut off ! Lol
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    What's interesting to me is that you were not aware of differing systems of mental processing. Personally, I'm very much like you when ot comes to processing information input and with the internal monologues et al. - but I've always (maybe not always, but at least as long as I can remember) been acutely aware that the way I think and process information is not the only way, and one realization makes it painfully apparent: if our mental processes were alike, interhuman communication would not be so prone to misunderstanding. It is to me obvious that people's brains work differently. Even just understanding that makes interhuman relationships so much easier, as one is not so quick to jump to assumptions anymore...
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    @100110111 I want to know why it never occurred to me as well LOL!
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    @QuanticoCEO Too self centered, maybe? Lacking empathy? Lacking having to walk a mile in other's shoes?!

    Wild guesses, but I'm having a problem grasping how could you not know that others think differently.. it's not like we're computers, all wired the same way.. plus if mental processes were the same that would mean same input data would yield same output data..but it seldom does..

    Anyhow, yes, some people supposedly have no internal voice, which is freaking to me..you're reading a book and?! Noone voices it out..weird af.. typing on devrant..everything quiet..blah!
    Also they might have it, just not be aware of it.. or call it something different..

    To me this topic is like discussing if we all see the colour red the same way o.O you, can't effing know.. same wavelength means same colour, but how it is representet in our brains?!

    Another thing for you to ponder is how people dream..some have vivid dreams, representing things that happened to them that day, or dreaded meeting they have tomorrow.. but what do blind people dream?! What is happening to them at night? Especially the ones totally blind from birth? O.o

    Our brains are weird..I mean at some point someones brain named all our brains brain, yet no user manual..and now we're left to figure this shit out..
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    Recommend doing a communication class directed at tech people.

    I spent a day with various devs from my company and a communications expert and they showed us how differently people process information.
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