Cool, so it looks like updating my nVidia drivers somehow killed LUKS on my machine? or whatever happens immediately after decrypting the volume group; honestly can’t tell.

To the uninitiated, this means my machine no longer boots. Like, at all.

Looks like I’m spending tomorrow reverting. 😕

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    Huh? I don't think it even has anything to do with LUKS... Maybe /boot ran out of space when rebuilding initramfs?
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    Would you like to share some screenshots?
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    @gronostaj Agreed; they have nothing to do with one another.

    /boot is fine, however: after running into several too many space issues, I resized my boot partition so it would never happen again. (And I clean it out occasionally, too.)

    My guess is it’s just a module the kernel doesn’t like. If so, it should (hopefully!) be trivial to fix. If it isn’t, I might have to wait until the weekend and migrate to either Debian 10 or Arch. Or Gentoo if I’m feeling cavalier.
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    I'd recommend Arch-based or Void.
    Gentoo is shitty on several levels.
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    @metamourge Perhaps tomorrow, though they’re not helpful in the least:

    Some bios errors because I’ve switched drives around in the past and it’s stupid. Some lvmetad warnings I never cared enough about to address. Me entering the luks password. It decrypting the volume group and spitting out some stats. And then... silence.

    Re: Gentoo. Hence ‘cavalier.’ Never tried Gentoo, but I’ve wanted to just because I haven’t earned my Gentoo wizard beard yet.
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    @Root or CentOS, since you like stable? I'm constrained to that in my work right now and it's actually rather nice. CentOS 8 works well on recent hardware.

    RHEL having huge corporate support pretty much ensures that CentOS plays nice with pretty much everything.
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    @RememberMe Nope. I hate red hat.
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    None of my kernel backups work, and I don’t currently have a dvd drive nor flashed usb boot stick, so I can’t actually repair my system. 🙄

    Incidentally, I also switched just phones, and my previous one is broken far beyond repair, so. I’m kind of dead in the water until I get a new drive.

    @FrodoSwaggins @Rutee07 Sorry, I still can’t respond to your emails. :( or anyone else’s for that matter. My keypass backup doesn’t contain my TutaNota passwords. Asdfjkadsf.
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    @Root No problem. :)
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    You can create UEFI-bootable USBs using an Android phone. UEFI uses only filesystem contents, no bootsector wizardry etc. needed. Just extract the ISO to FAT32-formatted USB drive.
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    Oh no. Novideo strikes again! I moved to AMD so that my Hackintosh dual boot would work seamlessly...
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    @Root oof this is brutal.

    I recommend gentoo for sure. It’s not as hard as some people make it sound. Most things in the Linux world aren’t.
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