Question for freedom and privacy buys: is there a video hosting and or live-streaming platform that isn’t run by a surveillance terrorism organization or use infrastructure provided by or funded by surveillance terrorism? YouTube is right out, just curious if there are alternatives? Is it even possible to fund something that needs that many resources while respecting freedom without charging an arm and a leg?

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    Peertube maybe?

    Also, while still using youtube, you have sites acting as frontend for YouTube but stripping most of the tracking, like hooktube.com
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    If there’s something decent, I haven’t found it.
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    If you're not paying your the product, so that might answer your cost question.
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    @N00bPancakes I’m willing to pay but not tens of thousands of dollars.
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    Dlive is supposed to be distributed.

    bitchutes alright but it uses disqus which is full of morons and totalitarians from the west coast.
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