Hi bad-practice, thank you for your application but unfortunately we had to conclude there is no opportunity for the role you are looking for.

They had a vacancy for frontend developer. I am frontend developer. What you mean no role?

Smells like the 33th BULLSHIT EXCUSE!

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    You didn't read between the lines - they said it to your face "we don't have an opening *for you*".... did you burn a sign with their logo in front of their office or something?
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    Did they also they that "your candidature will be considered for any future openings"?
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    That's what was said to me after two long remote interview rounds that suggested they were ready to take me aboard. The position would have me relocate up north, in a new city, so I sent them an email saying I preferred not to continue the interviewing process.

    They had the nerve to reply to me the way they did to you. I wonder to this day If they ever red my email.

    That Is to say that It Is most likely an excuse.
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