I need some platform to save large amounts of text (for example articles that Im gathering for research or just personal diary entries). I also need that platform to have a decent search function. Previously I used wordpress but it's quite limited and I need something better, thinking maybe of some wiki platform, any ideas guys?

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    I recommend Linux. Grep is a wonderful tool for just this type of thing.

    Or yeah, elasticsearch
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    Elasticsearch is pretty overkill for it.

    Any RDBMs would suffice.

    Since long time, any reasonable RDBMs has full text search capabilities.

    I hope you meant the Wordpress Part as a joke....

    If you need software, it might be better looking out for a DMS / document management system, since the way of organizing things makes more sense than a wiki.
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    I mean you could try pocket, it also has a cool firefox/chrome extension I love.
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    Elasticsearch is cool though. Fot me it's a game changer being able to search through gigabytes of text in 80ms...
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    @eval i want to pinch your cheeks right now... (Like an old granny)

    How... Innocent.... You are.

    Elasticsearch has become more adult in the last versions.

    But is really really really really a pain in the ass regarding versioning and it's APIs... And it's bugs. And it's documentation.

    8.0 might be the first release I like.

    Since 1.7.


    Edit: I've been using ES since 1.7 .

    Not liking 1.7. More hate. Nah. Hate is too kind. Somethings way stronger than hate.
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    @IntrusionCM oh i know it can be a bitch to work with. I might have almost zero experience with it, but i still know. Is there a better alternative though?
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    @eval I haven't had experience with it yet, but there is

    Solr (based in Lucene, too)

    Sphinx http://sphinxsearch.com/

    Sphinx exists as an Engine in eg MariaDB.

    But all in all... I think that ES and most complex search engines are really overkill when a simple full text search suffices.
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    @IntrusionCM how can I get started with saving text, organize, sort it in some database and then start searching for content with elasticsearch?
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    @zemaitis let ne ask some questions first.

    What's your motive?

    Do you want to create a DMS?

    As in upload documents, process them with OCR, extracting the text, version this document so you can add additional data like comments / notes etc.

    Or a "free style" knowledge database?

    Like "oh I've found this link"... what additional links do I have for this topic?

    These two ideas are very contrary to each other. One is about handling documents and processing them, the other is a content orientated workflow where content can be anything (self written, links ... Anything with a textual representation)

    Last: What is your criteria for a full text search? What did Wordpress lack that you need?

    Then I'll be very happy to give a detailed answer ;)
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