company policy was to bill in 10 min increments to a contract whose deliverables you were executing on, this was federally mandated. they never told us where to bill the 5+ hours of meetings per week we had on "technology". every time i asked i was told i would be "gotten back to"

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    You just tack them onto the bill. Any work the client obliges you to commit time to is a deliverable per most master service agreements.
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    You just add:
    meeting - 5 hours - $x

    Or don't itemise it and just tally up total hours.
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    @SortOfTested yeah but then explaining to the client i spent 5 hours in meetings and have nothing to show for them ....
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    They're paying for your time, not your product. You have a limited amount of it in your life and are under no obligation to give it to any corporation without compensation.
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