What is the reason a lot of you guys(not all of you) hate windows so much. I never had any single slow down or virus infection for ages, Windows Update always updates at the scheduled time etc.

I used Linux before, and I personally think that the experience is just about the same once you find alternatives to the windows software. But it also has flaws, dependency hell for instance.

Buuuut, I believe each OS has its ups and downs. So while one OS have trouble with something, the other might also have a problem. Some OS's are better than others and that no OS is perfect, and I wish I could see less criticism on OS's on devRant, cause it's getting kind of repetitive and stupid. Thank you.

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    I don't get the hate on Windows for suddenly rebooting in order to install updates. It is not that hard to set them to being installed on demand, when you decide it's a good time to do it.
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    Check out my rant history. You'll see Windows 10 update getting showed into my PC and it fucking fails and made me fucking wait 2 hrs every fucking SINGLE TIME I TURN ON THE FUCKING PC!!!
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    I am actively using windows and I think that I am used to that OS and luke it. But truth is: it really is slower. A lot of things are slower on it and I noticed after I saw how smoothly MacOS works. Windows can't achieve it unless you have really monster machine.
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    Its the reincarnation of amiga os vs atari tos 😫all hail workbench!
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    @3ndriu It is never a good time. The problem really isn't the reboots though, the problem is that Windows still can't overwrite files that are being used (It may have been a cute litte quirk in 1995 but it is 2016 now, it isn't funny anymore) so it has to stop everything that is going to be updated before it can even start installing the updates and it isn't just the OS kernel, it affects every single application you run on it. (Updating visual studio is not fun).
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    I wrote a blog post about this type of behavior, framing it in the perspective of nit-picks. Maybe I am self-bias, but I think it may be applicable here. :)

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    Have you ever written portable c/c++ app from Windows? A lot of the problems are that development is just better or equivalent in most cases from Linux. Lots of Linux users are power users and want to customize everything without a hack which Windows is resilient to without brilliant devs fighting against the system. Just look at X11, (as crappy as one might debate) it is conditioned for flexibility in contrast to the Windows UI that cannot really be changed. Unix philosophy is do one thing right and do it well. Linux does this, it is not readily apparent that Windows does this. Windows is just too Monolithic. Compare bash and CMD (yes I know PowerShell but look how long that took). On the other hand Windows does do one thing right, drivers and gaming.
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    Interesting that people always look for Windows equivalent software on Linux. I understand that but then you should stay on Windows. Linux is if you want to educate your computer skills. Not if you want just a Windows for free.

    For me, using Linux since 1998, I cannot switch to Windows, missing so much. No ssh out of the box, cannot grep through the settings, cannot remember do many config dialogs. How to get a word paper looking similar to latex output? How to install emacs, latex, python, ruby, postgresql and other things I daily need with just one single line in Windows?

    I think we get attached to one os, just because we use it.
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    Cmd. Can't be resized easily.

    Lousy vim/tmux/zsh support - especially if you don't have full privileges on a system.



    Control panel impossible to navigate - actually configure stuff properly.

    Error messages written for laymen, without allowing power users to help themselves
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