Mom: Hey, my computer is doing weird stuff again, you know what that means?
Me: *I should have become lawyer instead of IT*
Mom: And the microwave makes a beeping sound. Fix it.

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    Exactly. You'd be happy to be her lawyer when she murders someone and you are not allowed to be the defendant. Then you'll cry in a corner wishing you still did IT in order to hack her out of prison. Because every IT guy can do that right? ;)
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    @veslav Dude, it's pretty dark to assume that mother would kill someone if you become a lawyer.

    OP, I wanted to be lawyer too. Then I found out that law school would be boring, exams hard and I prefer cinputer science anyway.

    Still wish I could be some detective, though. Unfortunately, work in polixe in my country isn't as exciting as in american TV shows. ;)
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    @veslav acording to my mother, I can even make a helicopter!
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    @mazabin in my country working in law related things mean you'll see a lot of good people going to jail and the bad guys who have money are always free. I'm ok being IT while my mom is away from computers lol
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    @mazabin it's just a scenario.
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