left a company over 3 years ago because they wanted me to dumb my code down so that the other devs could understand it. they wouldn't allow me to use classes in my code lol. anyway, 3+ years later figured I would try to log in to some of the admin panels... passwords still the same. MySQL dbs... passwords the same... cpanel... passwords the same. smh. even if I still worked there the passwords should be changed every so often. top notch security right there. funniest part is they don't even do backups or use VCS for the code. sad sad company. glad I'm no longer there. my personal projects have more security, redundancy and fail over lol

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    I was once told to just copy paste code instead of writing modular reusable code, because it was "too complicated"
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    My technical manager told me not use lambda or LINQ expressions because it's hard to read during the code review.

    I tried to explain the optimized benefits of lazy loading, and improved readability due to declarative-like syntax and reduced if-statement clutter... but that went about as well as I'm sure most devranter's would expect or personally experienced.

    You know, like when trying to explain the technical advantages of an approach to a manager who has already made up their mind about a subject matter they don't understand before the conversation even started.
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    Security, what security ... who the heck needs security...

    And we do have 2016.... the future is bright for backdooring and trojan horses....
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    @deusprogrammer some make their bachelars, masters and promotion just by that.
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