Anyone try Kubernetes yet? It looks really promising! Looking to learn about deploying microservices at scale...


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    Out SysAdmin uses it and likes it for our docker containers in production.
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    We use the Netflix stack in our company. But the plan for 2017 is to switch to kubernetes.
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    @Buckte So Eureka, Zuul, etc? How did your team like the netflix stack an what drove you guys to find an alternative?
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    @mzgaljic We Like The Netflix stack. But we believe that Google have more experience over the years in container delivery and the technology + tools goes deeper.

    Another reason is in Netflix you are committed in Java.

    The long time plan from my evil backend dev is to run Netflix in kubernetes.
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    @Buckte LOL with the "evil backend dev".

    Anyway regarding the Netflix stack, I thought you could use any language on the clients? My understanding was that one could use Eureka through its REST endpoints, etc. Probably not trivial though unless they have good documentation.

    I've been learning about it and using it with SprintBoot so i'm no expert yet.
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