I was shortlisted for a job opening and they sent me a link to a coderbyte test on friday that is only valid till sunday.

Isnt making your applicant do a test on a weekend such a dick move?

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    It's an easy way to find out whether the applicant is fine with weekend work.
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    Depends. If you already got a job its probably easier to find time over the weekend
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    I'll say it more directly:

    At least you know they won't respect your time or provide anything resembling work life balance.
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    It's probably an automated system that gives you 3 days to complete it or something like that.

    I wouldn't take it as an immediate dick move personally, especially if it just requires a few hours of time - if working full time it's often easier to find time at the weekends for this stuff anyway. If it's a problem, or you want to test the water, just message and ask if you can have longer as you're not available this weekend. Their response could be enlightening.
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    Its a test if you value your weekend or not
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    If your working full time, I wouldn't expect you to do the test during work hours.

    If you're serious about switching jobs, would you stay up doing a code test till 3AM then go to work the next day, or spend your weekend doing the test?

    If your not working already, then how's it matter, you want a job don't you?

    🏕 prepares for hate mail!
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