Didn't see that coming

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    You have to admit GTP-3 is extremely impressive
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    Programmers can be useful in various ways. They can understand your problem and think of a solution that works well with current technology. They can advise features you might have never thought were possible or useful. They can point out unclear parts in your idea and help you fill in those dark spots. Writing code is bound to be redundant eventually, but jobs for people who deeply understand the nature of software are here to stay.
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    I would like to quote a part of The psychology of computer programming. A book written in the seventies.

    "Over the years, executives have backed their desire to eliminate programmer's with staggering funds"

    There are comments from 25 years later (revised edition):
    "The only thing that's changed is the fact that the funds dedicated by executives to eliminating programmer's have become far more staggering than I imagined back then.
    Executives fail to see
    A. None of the schemes have succeeded
    B. Every one of the schemes have been concocted by programmer's"

    I must say that even though programmer's are in a more higher demand. For some tasks they are not necessary and the work has changed a great deal. Therefore no matter what happens or how successful this is
    @Lor-inc is right. The definition of what the job entails just differs a bit like we don't use cards with holes anymore.
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    It is good as a tool for programmers not as an alternative
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