Three sets of enema and pre-lubed my asshole. I got the job.

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    Had no doubt in my mind this was your rant
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    @Stuxnet Indeed, but it's nice to have constant in life
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    This is a rant that made me look up what wk218's theme even is
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    @Stuxnet I only now have the weird realisation that DevRant doesn't list the author on the feed page o.O
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    Hehe classic rutee... Fuck you rutee, find something original, other than old tired horny middle aged comedy.
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    @Jilano rutee's rants can be spotted miles away as they're the only constant all over devRant.
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    Seems like a sex worker's vacancy to me.
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    @faptain "Anything against sex workers, 'Faptain Cumshot?!'"

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    @Jilano nope, as a faptain, only respect and honour for our sex worker brethrens.
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