Anyone here ever work on making a point of sale system

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    Yep. Crashed the prod server hosting the live PoS on my very first day at the internship.
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    @alcatraz627 solid shit ✊🏻

    Sounds like something I'd do
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    @Stuxnet what kind of PoS exactly are you working on?
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    @alcatraz627 I'm still a student still, but I need a project to pass the time and learn a bit.

    I've worked a few retail jobs, so in my systems analysis class last semester, I used a PoS as my "system" throughout the semester. A few nights ago I was like "ya know what, fuck it. I'll make one for fun."
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    Portions of it for JC Penney
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    @Stuxnet sounds fun, and a project to put up on your GitHub and resume.

    Just a suggestion if you want a bigger challenge. Each client needs a tailor-made version of a PoS so try to make it as customizable as possible.
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    @alcatraz627 thanks! I'll keep that in mind. It's not going to be too in depth, just something to dip my toes into.

    @SortOfTested damn that's pretty cool. I kinda want to work for Lowes. Their PoS fascinates me, and they're building a new IT tower in Charlotte. It's a win/win in my eyes lol
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    I'm glad they're past the IBM phase with their pos. I remember seeing their pos a decade ago on beetle IIs and six, where they opened Firefox to do everything.

    It's my hot sports opinion that a good
    POS is one you can drop in, turn on, register to an account, set some local info and you're off to the races. No underlying OS access, just right to the task at hand for employees.
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