Any tips for onboarding a new joinee to a couple-month old Django back-end project and eventually take it over, as my tenure ends?

The newbie is from a theoretical CS background and only knows very basic Django.

It's gonna be fine, I know; I'm just not sure how to go about handing over the project since even with coding best practices and detailed comments and a README.md, there's still a lot of stuff happening in the background that I know only because I've worked with it daily.

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    Then document that background stuff you're talking about, because why not?
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    Give in the KT same way you will give yourself if u can get back in time.

    I tried this and this worked for me so far. I also give tips trick, hot to debug or find error. Because same thing I will do with myself if I will go back in time.
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    I can only speak for the way I try to do things, but I try to stick with explaining how we use the different packages and avoid spending too much time explaining how the libraries work; they can and will be looking that up as they go. I make sure to point out any non-obvious hacks if any.

    Ideally our Readme only mentions the tools used. I always saw it as a canary when you have to start adding "If you are going to X remember to Y".
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