How are you all controlling your smart home? Has anyone else experience with self-coded controlling?
I have made very good experiences with ioBroker and a sync to Firestore. I am currently able to controll everything neatly with Google Home and Assistant, log my entire home's state periodically to BigQuery, from where I can analyse everthing later on an controll everything via an Progressive Web App. You can check it out here: https://smart-connect-demo.web.app/

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    Need login? Sorry
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    its not working mate
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    you need login with google but as it's a demo, everyone can login
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    Dumbbells instead of smart home here.
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    There are tons of others: FHEM, Domoticz, OpenHAB, ...
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    If it doesn't have voice assistant support but is still IoT, I'll connect it up to ifttt and remote control it with my RPi.

    From there iOS shortcuts can then ssh into my Rpi and do what ever it needs, if I need a manual trigger, otherwise "hey google, do this with that" is usually enough.
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