Misused phrases by non-tech people I can't stand in 2020: "the new normal" & "telework". It's like how in 2018 everyone used "algorithm" like they knew what they were talking about. Same thing in 2007 with "accelerometer".

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    Algorithm : Word normal people used to describe the black box that they don't understand.

    Algorithm : Word developer use when they don't want to explain how it actually work.
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    @mr-user Algotithms: word community managers and product marketing managers use when they want to sound smart and stay in the same room as the engineers.
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    Lmao too true, at least about algorithms. Haven't observed the other ones. I never hear developers speak about algorithms as much as business people do. Imagine if people only used words appropriately and not just to sound smarter than they are.
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    @Elyz Tp be fair, I've heard lots of engineers wax fanatical about branding, psychographics and awareness, totally fanboying over foreign concepts. LOL.
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    Here's a fun game: try and use as many incorrect bullshit words to explain your work and watch them nod in agreement regardless.
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    @Inxentas oh, I've done that...and even used made up acronyms and terms just to see if they truly follow along. Reminds me of a variation of: https://youtube.com/watch/...
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