just taking a second to apologize to anyone that I've come off being more of an asshole than I usually am. I've been out of marijuana for over a week now so um... sorry 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    Priorities my dude!
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    ugh I don't think I could've picked a worse time to try and adjust back to a normal schedule. I should be bidding the sun goodnight right now, not cursing at it for making it so bright outside 🤬
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    @M1sf3t u know why it's called cold turkey.

    *goes to the fridge, grabs a deep frozen turkey*

    Now stand still so I can hit ya....
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    The world owes marijuana far more then it realizes. It's like... a hard reset after a day of picking CSS class names at the HTML farm. It keeps me sane.
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