Eclipse is such horrendous garbage, it somehow even manages to run like shit on an SSD.

Literally all my software runs smooth as butter on the SSD, even VS ffs. No, not Eclipse. Still hangs up constantly, fails to respond, takes ages to do things.


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    From the looks, Eclipse just plainly dries all computer's power. Technically, vampire IDE.
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    it even manages to freeze meeting calls
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    RubyMine, too. Even typing is laggy on a top of the line MacBook Pro. I don’t know how they manage it.
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    Wait until you hear about Android Studio.
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    @null-pointer-ex +1 that.
    I've always gotten on fine with eclipse. Sounds like dodgy plugins. Always been faster than netbeans. I've tried intelliJ but only a bit, looks good.

    Imagine my surprise when moving to Android Studio :O what fuckery is this????
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    yeah.. I agree with you. Most java IDE is garbage in term of memory and performance. That's why I switch to VIM and CLI tools (npm, maven, gradle) to speedup development
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    While we're at it - whoever the fuck created the abomination that is Swing was clearly suffering from severe cranial trauma.
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    Seriously Eclipse, who the FUCK freezes their whole UI while sending a query to the fucking marketplace?? What, is this impossible to do asynchronously?!

    I know I know, technology hasn't come this far.

    The piece of shit is still doing it, while I am finished writing this.
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    The landscape of Java IDES is filled with this sort of shit, and Java does not lend itself well to being used without an IDE.

    I don't have nearly as many problems, but admittedly am not entirely a fan of the 3 main IDES for Java. Even the VS Code plugins are fricking horrid.

    hahahaha (send help)
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    I've always loved IDEA. Smooth and surprisingly easy in the eyes
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