Ok, so here is my rant... Besides programming I´m really into videoediting an filming. A few months ago I bought a plugin for Final Cut Pro (Apples videoeditingsoftware which runs awesome on lowerend-hardware).

The plugin I bought cost around 150 USD and included a free upgrade to the newer version, which would be release in 4-5 months. The older version ran fine on my MacBook Pro, which meets the minimum-system-requirements. The newer version shows artefacts whenever I use the plugin on videoclips. Contacted the support... Theses bugs are specific to my GPU-generation and the support told me that they arent working on a fix for that problem which turns the plugin unusable for me. I was wondering, as devs, what´s your take on that?

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    Are you able to downgrade or use the last known working version?

    It is a shame they don't intend to fix issues considering it is a paid software, but I'm not surprised at all. I've seen bugs raised 10 years back either in open or "won't fix" state. Their prioritization sucks and is usually around better sales and marketing than customer satisfaction
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    @asgs Thank you for your reply. The older version works fine, though it was sold with the free upgrade an the integrated graphics met the minimum-requirements.

    I know they got other problems and bills to pay, but leaving customers behind just feels shady to me.

    Also the support told me that the reported bug was specific to the Intel Iris Pro 5100 graphics, so the would just fix it for those...

    Have you had any experience with refunds in similar situations?
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    @Rubenberger no, the only paid software I bought was Windows 8 which I upgraded to 10 and it keeps running

    Never required photo editing or anything of that sort. sorry, I couldn't help you here
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    @asgs Thanks :-)
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