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    Guess I wasn't paying attention.
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    ICANN not believe this shit!

    What would have the ramifications have been if .org had been bought?
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    .Org domains, which are preferred by charitable orgs, some schools, many OS projects and similar would be controlled by a private company with no legislative oversight and would be immediately jump in price.

    Domains in general have been a shit show of politics and attempts at international money grabs since the US govt gave up control.
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    Oh damning hell.
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    holy grail
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    This will indeed smoke test who has internalized enough corporatist bullshit to find this situation ethical or desirable.
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    @Demolishun 👌 pun, beat me to it 😄

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    This is one of the reasons I like HNS (handshake/namebase)
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    Wait, what
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