Oh my god did you know the Windows registry has a folder for icon overlays, like the little checkmarks on OneDrive and Dropbox files?

Guess what. Windows only loads the first like 13 of the registered overlays *in alphabetical order* which has programs fight over the top spots by prepending spaces and whatnot on their registry keys. What a great system...

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    Ah, it's the ultimate picture describing how things are done in Windows.
    Maybe I shall add it to new video rant about Linux vs Windows like this one: https://youtu.be/kL4TgNUS-9I
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    There are like THREE of those folders
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    One of them is in

    Another one is in .../Software/Microsoft/Office/ClickToRun/REGISTRY/MACHINE/A_FUCKING_COPY_OF_THE_SOFTWARE_FOLDER???/Microsoft/Windows
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    Windows and its registry is just a huge mess.
    Thanks for this amusing example. 😂
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