Our company is remote-controlled by one or two customer companies. Our CTO is remote-controlled by them also. And if that wasn't enough it feels like he has no competence in the development of normal software (not customer projects).
Officially the management in our company doesn't have the right to give direct orders to the development teams. In reality, they just ignore this rule and play dictator.
It feels that the management thinks that all developers in the company are just asses and idiots who screw up everything.

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    beside your legit rant, would you mind to elaborate the difference between normal software and customer projects? i am curious and can't tell myself.
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    @erroronline1 customer projects are things you develop especially for one customer. "normal software" (I don't know the right term for it, in german, it is called "Standardsoftware") is a
    more general software you develop and sell it to many customers.
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    @Sumafu It would be General or Generalized software I think, but I only speak german and spanish natively.
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