So I have been migrating my website from AngularJS to Vue as an experiment. I'm late to the party.

It has a navicon that opens a dock, a bar that drops down when you scroll, and some insane particle effect that is first drawn to a canvas and then pushed into a div's background image in real time. Seems nesting Vue instances isn't an option, so I made it into a component.

After two days I finally got it working... and it spazzes the hell out. It's literally the exact same code, but now the canvas starts to flicker like crazy the moment you scroll the page.

Not only have I been doing really filthy stuff like 'var self = this', I have no idea where even to begin debugging this nonsense.

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    @M1sf3t in this instance, I agree. Tho I'm not saying Vue couldn't be a perfectly viable solution either, but there's some moving from AngularJS mindset to Vue mindset to be done first, and it seems like that hasn't completely been succesfull
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    @Inxentas, also le yuck on that filthy stuff. Just don't. You're doing something very wrong if you have to do that... Also 'var'?! Seriously?
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    @M1sf3t I going through frameworks implementing these 3 features in each of their styles. Svelte might be next :)
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    @100110111 I sure feels wrong, yet the internet seemed convinced it's no big deal. Why exactly is it wrong? Should I store the reference in the "data" block?

    A few ugly references is probably not why my canvas goes spastic though. And yeah, I'm on my third day tinkering with VUE so I probably don't have the proper mindset yet.
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