Why everything on earth has something to do with energy? That’s kinda lame.

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    Please explain
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    @Demolishun living? Energy. Molecular bonds? Energy. Basically everything you can imagine, there is energy involved
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    And everything is in motion perpetually. Move around sun, sun moves around galaxy, galaxy moves around ?
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    @Demolishun Jordano Bruno was burned alive for asking this exact question
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    That’s kinda how physics works.

    Differences in amounts of energy is the fuel that allows things to change; it allows the universe to function. This is measured as entropy.

    If there are no energy differences, or nothing for that energy to act upon, nothing at all can happen: the universe would remain static for eternity. This is also called the heat death of the universe — because heat is the byproduct of energy conversions (and therefore all changes), and without some contrast, likely impossible to extract energy from.

    Your question is kind of like asking why all lightbulbs run on electricity: it’s simply how they work.
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    @Root That was very well said. Made me want to rewatch some Kurzgesagt videos on the subject.
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    Cause of Einstein theory for general relativity. Nobody managed to come up with something more elegant.
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