I believe this was the last attempt I had at doing a project for this customer before I just stopped replying to emails. I cannot emphasise enough how brutal it was communicating with this person. This was years ago. I'll keep it simple:

Customer: "Yeah so we need this page to look *exactly* like this. I've attached a picture, and I'll need this done soon because we're running a newsletter campaign soon."

Me: "Alright, I'll have it done by the end of the week." (I paid a student to do it, their work was impressive, it looked *EXACTLY* like the picture, but was now a functional web page)

*end of week*

Customer: "This is too exact!! I was hoping you guys would have some creativity, and have it do this and that!"

Me: "You said exact, we made it exact. I can do additional work to it."

Customer: "Well, we're not paying for additional work!!"

I left it at that.

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    "Well, I'm suing you for breach of implicit contract. This email chain we have where you asked us to do the work and took receipt, when combined with our previously established working relationship and receipts is sufficient evidence to take it to civil court."
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    Does email count as evident? I read the email is hard to submit as proof. I am not really familiar with court business.
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    Depends on your country.

    In the US established work relationships and payment agreements can be substantiated by communications methods. The extent of the relationship determines the degree to which it is considered material. The receipts of the servers can be used to verify the authenticity of a record. Someone outsourcing the creation of HTML likely lacks the technical capacity to scrub those records. If there was suspicion of them doing so, that would actually become a potential fraud charge under discovery laws, specifically suppression and intentional destruction of evidence.
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    Thank for the info
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    Don't worry, accounting made sure I got paid!
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    Also, welcome to DevRant!
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