Hey, have you ever wanted to punch a developer 8611 times before?

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    Many well known libraries such as semantic ui uses “!important” too , sucks though ...
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    Wait 152 files? I really hope that's not all css esle I'm angry for you
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    Did you mean developers who wrote their own majestic-boombastic fantastic-af css because waiting for designer to make it good looking is taking too much time?

    I feel you broda
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    Remplace !important to " " XD
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    @VirtualPhilipp you missed a wk99 tag 😝
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    @mac-aga yep bootstrap too.

    But most of those librairies deal with both old browser compatibility and retro compatibility with their own legacy code.

    Sometimes a !important is better than a breaking change.
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    @mac-aga yeah and because of that I sometimes have to add !important to a whole class for it to work. (Because sometimes it's something small which you don't want to recompile the whole CSS files)
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    For highly important styles, use
    !importanter or !importantest
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    Well it’s not important
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    Css is like priorities...
    If everything is !important, nothing actually is...
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    Yes, many times. But it had more of a "private key in a public repo" kinda feel to it.
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    ++ your comment as this is first actual dev rant i have read in a while.
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    Sone devs dont seem to get how CSS selectors priority works.
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    !important == unimportant

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