So my email address is just my name dot last name @gmail and people with the same name as me keep signing up for shit using my email and I’m constantly unsubscribing or flagging shit. It happens that I also own the same email address @iCloud and never had the same issue there because dumbasses always come up with @gmail when signing up for that shit. Well now this bitchass brilliant motherfucker started signing up for shit with my address @iCloud and now I’m starting to get unwanted shit there too, motherfuckers.

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    Whenever I can I ask for recovery passwords and fuck their lives as much as I can, there was a time that this asshole registered for netflix free trial, I changed the password and upgraded the plan, had free netflix for over a year until payment method stopped working.

    I receive job applications with resumes, heavy machinery quotations, I’m copied in corporate email chains, neighbor associations, WHY CAN’T I GET NUDES FOR ONCE? right nobody send nudes by mail.
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    mcfly@gmail.com my favorite trash mail.
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    @Benutzername u forgot marty
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    Had same problem when I updated my LinkedIn profile. They deduced the name of my new employer because of last.first pattern and started sending me spam at work. So I now my LinkedIn is misspelled to prevent that. People are assholes.
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    Sounds like bots using security breach data, I've had a few false registrations as well
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    Back before you had to double opt in for newsletters, I took my old boss’s email address and registered him for hundreds of gay porn email subscriptions when I left that job. Spam filters were junk back then. He finally just made a new address.
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    I have lastname@outlook.com and it happens to me all the time. I usually reset the password and then delete the account.
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    well, a friend of mine has name.lastNameYY@provider, but he way to often forgets his birth year when sharing his email (e.g. on seminars) - I hope its not your guy 😁
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