so, i got a job in a company with 140 employees. they wanted me to work 9 hours a day, 30 min rest time and i had to pay for everything like lunch and even coffee. if i get to work late or leave work early they would punish me.
Oh god...

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    That's only a job for bridging the time until you find a job.
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    That even legal? Well, I guess it is, somewhere, but f that. Find a humane place to work at asap mate
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    You HAVE to work 8.5 hours? That's an unnecessary strict requirement

    But having to buy food on your own is not a bad thing at all as long as they pay you enough
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    As long as it is not breaking any laws I really dont think that is too unreasonable for an employer to ask.

    Sure most jobs have more leeway and flexibility which are niceties and not requirements.
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    If you work in any type of service sector like cashier or any work where you have shifts its common to require strict hours and break times to ensure constant service.

    And 9 hours is just one more than the standard where I live.

    Its less common in developer jobs since you often do not have customer contact in the same way but it does exist.
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    Been there.
    Suffered through that.
    Told them to fuck off.

    Get a better job.
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